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"The skills my daughter has learnt in the 8 months she has been with Starlights have amazed me! I have seen a huge change in her self confidence and love the family environment" 

Michelle Parks, Evie Mum

" My daughters confidence has come on so much since becoming a Starlight. All the parents help one and other out which reflects in the squads performance and overall team culture"

Donna Brocklehurst, Chardonnays Mum

" I have 2 daughters in the competition squad and another daughter that has health concerns but still participates in lessons. I enjoy watching them all develop their skills in their own way with the full support of the coaches and team" 

Emma Hammond, Ada, Jossey & Payton's Mum

" Watching my daughter perform with Starlights makes me so proud, The younger girls aspire to be like the seniors and they are all one family, always supporting each other both on and off the mat!" 

Julie Allen, Georgias Mum

"My 6 year old has been a member of the Starlights family for the past 3 years and has loved every minute! She has grown in confidence and from day one has been encouraged by all the coaches and girls from the older teams. The confidence from her and her little team when they compete is amazing! Starlights are a great family and I would recommend them to anyone"

Ceri Matthews, Seren's Mum

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